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This Web site aims to provide news about area events and updates on research and advancements in the south centra Indiana breast cancer medical community. Check out the mission statement or read about the origins of BC:FYI.

Olcott Center offers support group

The Olcott Center for Cancer Education's breast cancer support group meets at 7 p.m. the first and third Thursdays of each month. The next meetings are July 17 and Aug. 7. Call 812-353-5669 for more info or check the Olcott website.

Tee Up for style show fundraiser

You are invited to the Tee Up Against Cancer Style Show July 23 at Eagle Point. Proceeds benefit the Olcott Center for Cancer Education's Girlfriend Fund. For information, contact Phyllis Davidson at phyllis.davidson@gmail.com. More details are on the Events page.

Step Ahead meets Aug. 12
Step Ahead logo

Step Ahead, the support group for survivors, meets at 6 p.m. Aug. 12 at the Scholars Bakehouse East in Bloomington. Feel free to drop by and join us. Look for the pink tablecloths. Questions? Email BreastCancerFYI.org.

IU trial to better target therapies for triple negative
iu logo

A team at the IU Simon Cancer Center is investigating the role of genomics in improving the survival of women with triple negative breast. Byan Schneider, associate professor of medicine, and colleagues will enroll 130 women who have had chemotherapy and surgery but remain at high risk for relapse.Read on the News page.

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